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Also called aniline oil, aminobenzine, phenylamine. Chemistry. a colorless, oily, slightly water-soluble liquid, C 6 H 5 NH 2 , usually derived from nitrobenzene by reduction: used chiefly in the synthesis of dyes and drugs.
pertaining to or derived from aniline:
aniline colors.
Historical Examples

Practically all bacteriological stains are solutions of the anilin dyes.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

The vessels are placed in a special pandal, and worshipped with flowers, anilin and turmeric powders.
Castes and Tribes of Southern India Edgar Thurston

The anilin fuchsin must be added slowly with constant stirring and the mixture boiled and filtered.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

Such forms as gram, cocain, chlorid, anemia and anilin are the products of its influence.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

a colourless oily pungent poisonous liquid used in the manufacture of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and explosives. Formula: C6H5NH2 Also called phenylamine

chemical base used in making colorful dyes, 1843, coined 1841 by German chemist Carl Julius Fritzsche (1808-1871) and adopted by Hofmann, ultimately from Portuguese anil “the indigo shrub,” from Arabic an-nil “the indigo,” assimilated from al-nil, from Persian nila, ultimately from Sanskrit nili “indigo,” from nilah “dark blue.” With chemical suffix -ine (2).

aniline an·i·line or an·i·lin (ān’ə-lĭn)
An oily, poisonous benzene derivative used in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals. adj.
Derived from aniline.
A colorless, oily, poisonous compound used in the manufacture of rubber, dyes, resins, pharmaceuticals, and varnishes. Aniline is an amine of benzene. Chemical formula: C6H7N.


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