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Animal behavior

(def 2).
a branch of biology that deals with the of animals, encompassing such fields as ethology, comparative psychology, behavioral ecology, and sociobiology.
Contemporary Examples

In short, the animal behavior expert told the zoo to stop pampering Gus and start treating him like a bear.
A Eulogy for Gus, Central Park’s Polar Bear Man of Mystery Malcolm Jones August 29, 2013

And I’d be remiss not to direct you a display of animal behavior in action.
Meet Germany’s Wolf Man Justin Green January 28, 2013

Historical Examples

What, according to Hobhouse, are the differentia of human morality from animal behavior?
Introduction to the Science of Sociology Robert E. Park

In psychology interest developed in the study of the child and in the comparative study of human and animal behavior.
Introduction to the Science of Sociology Robert E. Park

We account for animal behavior on rational grounds of animal psychology, there is little to interpret.
Ways of Nature John Burroughs

Its roots lie deep in organic life, but there is no direct development or exclusive development from animal behavior to human.
The Psychology of Nations G.E. Partridge

Least of all do zoos produce any new knowledge about animal behavior.
Damn! Henry Louis Mencken


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