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the state of being an .
the nature or instincts of human beings.
Historical Examples

After the Phytozoa come the Protozoa, or first forms in which animality is distinctly recognised.
Marvels of Pond-life Henry J. Slack

Humanity is (as Comte thought) a higher degree of animality.
Modern Skepticism C. J. Ellicott

Priests and nuns were shocked by their animality and attempted to control their countrymen.
The Haciendas of Mexico Paul Alexander Bartlett

“animality” is the starting-point; “humanity,” its opposite, is the goal of development.
Anarchism E. V. Zenker

So that as regards man degrees of animality can only be differentiated to a greater or less degree.
Landmarks of Scientific Socialism Friedrich Engels

All my days had been passed in comparative ignorance of the animality of man.
The Sea-Wolf Jack London

The idea originated in a comparison between Humanity and animality.
The Human Comedy Honore de Balzac

I could not—I would not if I could—give you any idea of its animality; yes, that is the very word!
Miriam Monfort Catherine A. Warfield

Some authorities have thought their animality proved by the high degree of contractility which their tissues evince.
Marvels of Pond-life Henry J. Slack

Bakunin, therefore, distinguishes three elements in all life: animality; thought; and rising.
Anarchism E. V. Zenker

the animal side of man, as opposed to the intellectual or spiritual
the fact of being or having the characteristics of an animal


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