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full of life, action, or spirit; lively; vigorous:
an animated debate on the death penalty.
made or equipped to move or give the appearance of moving in an animallike fashion:
animated puppets.
containing representations of animals or mechanical objects that appear to move as real ones do:
an animated window display.
to give life to; make alive:
God animated the dust.
to make lively, vivacious, or vigorous; give zest or spirit to:
Her presence animated the party.
to fill with courage or boldness; encourage:
to animate weary troops.
to move or stir to action; motivate:
He was animated by religious zeal.
to give motion to:
leaves animated by a breeze.
to prepare or produce as an :
to animate a children’s story.
alive; possessing life:
animate creatures.
an animate expression of joy.
of or relating to animal life.
able to move voluntarily.
Linguistics. belonging to a syntactic category or having a semantic feature that is characteristic of words denoting beings regarded as having perception and volition (opposed to ).
Contemporary Examples

What happens when celebrities pose on the red carpet beside the real-life versions of animated movie characters?
Stars & Characters Awkward Red-Carpet Moments The Daily Beast March 31, 2011

In a Japanese animated series, the Merry Men presented a strong pro-environmental message.
Robin Hood’s Amazing Run Allen Barra May 11, 2010

The 2010 house features multiple-story-high trees, animated Santa’s helping elves, and a fully lit yard.
Best Christmas Lights Displays, Starring Elvis, the Grinch, More (Video) The Daily Beast Video December 23, 2011

For the time being, she is content with watching her animated first born leave the nest.
‘Arthur Christmas’: The Making of the New Aardman Film Lorenza Muñoz November 22, 2011

Its biggest success so far, gauging by buzz more than anything else, has been The Awesomes, an animated series from Seth Meyers.
Hulu’s Very Funny ‘Hotwives of Orlando’ Takes on Netflix Kevin Fallon July 14, 2014

Historical Examples

They lived, and were animated with the frenzied fear of trapped things.
Astounding Stories, April, 1931 Various

The Redistribution Bill was carried, January, 1885, after animated debate.
The Grand Old Man Richard B. Cook

Devoted to the Border sports, in which he was formerly an active performer, he has celebrated them in animated verse.
The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume V. Various

But Camilla’s letter had, as we have seen, raised his courage and animated his heart.
Night and Morning, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

While they were eating, Baxter and his companions held a low, but animated, conversation.
The Rover Boys In The Mountains Arthur M. Winfield

full of vivacity and spirit; lively
characterized by movement and activity: an animated scene met her eye
possessing life; animate
moving or appearing to move as if alive: an animated display
pertaining to cinematographic animation
verb (transitive) (ˈænɪˌmeɪt)
to give life to or cause to come alive
to make lively; enliven
to encourage or inspire
to impart motion to; move to action or work
to record on film or video tape so as to give movement to: an animated cartoon
adjective (ˈænɪmɪt)
being alive or having life
gay, spirited, or lively

1530s, “alive,” past participle adjective from animate (v.). Meaning “mentally excited” is from 1530s; “full of activity” from 1580s. The “moving pictures” sense is attested from 1895; of cartoons from 1897. Related: Animatedly.

1530s, “to fill with boldness or courage,” from Latin animatus past participle of animare “give breath to,” also “to endow with a particular spirit, to give courage to,” from anima “life, breath” (see animus). Sense of “give life to” in English attested from 1742. Related: Animated; animating.

“alive,” late 14c., from Latin animatus (see animate (v.)).


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