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a preliminary form of a television commercial consisting of a series of drawings with a voice-over, prepared chiefly for test-marketing.
of or relating to animatics.


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  • Animation

    quality; liveliness; vivacity; spirit: to talk with animation. an act or instance of or enlivening. the state or condition of being . the process of preparing cartoons. Contemporary Examples As DreamWorks foundered, the animation division had to be split from live-action into a separate company. A Taxpayer Bailout for DreamWorks Animation? Kim Masters March 18, […]

  • Animatism

    the attribution of consciousness to inanimate objects and natural phenomena. Historical Examples animatism, the animation theory of seemingly inanimate nature, is a further subdivision which also includes animatism and animism. Totem and Taboo Sigmund Freud What truth there was in that doctrine is fully covered by animatism. The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions […]

  • Animato

    animated; lively. Abbreviation: anim. Historical Examples The feeling of unrest is here augmented until it becomes almost painful, and not until the animato does a restful feeling come. Piano Mastery Harriette Brower adjective, adverb (music) (to be performed) in a lively manner

  • Ibn arabi

    (“Animator of the Religion”) 1165–1240, Islamic philosopher, theologian, and mystic.

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