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a negatively charged ion, as one attracted to the anode in electrolysis.
any negatively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to ).
Historical Examples

In a few minutes the priest of anion and the chief of the kolchytes were being carried towards the valley in their litters.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

Now, one question: Has the news of the death of the ram of anion reached you?
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

One of these is always composed of oxygen and hydrogen and is the anion.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

The Nile beyond surrounded an island, where flourished the well-kept sacred grove of anion.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

The king repaired in state to the temple of anion, seized the priests who professed these seditious beliefs, and burnt them alive.
History Of Egypt, Chalda, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 9 (of 12) G. Maspero

In this the heart shall be preserved till a new ram offered by a worthy hand enters the herd of anion.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

It will be noticed that in neutralization the anion of the acid and the cation of the base are not changed.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

a negatively charged ion; an ion that is attracted to the anode during electrolysis Compare cation

“a negatively charged ion, which moves toward the anode (q.v.) during electrolysis,” 1834, proposed by the Rev. William Whewell (1794-1866), English polymath, and published by English physicist Michael Faraday, from Greek anion “(thing) going up,” neuter past participle of anienai “go up,” from ana “up” (see ana-) + ienai “go” (see ion).

anion an·i·on (ān’ī’ən)
A negatively charged ion, especially one that migrates to the anode in electrolysis.
An ion with net negative charge, having more electrons than protons. In electrolysis, anions migrate to a positively charged anode. Compare cation.


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    anion gap anion gap n. The difference between the sum of cations and anions found in plasma or serum.

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