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Anisic alcohol

a colorless liquid, the para form of C 8 H 10 O 2 , having a hawthornlike odor, used chiefly as a scent in the manufacture of perfume.


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  • Anisic aldehyde

    . a colorless, oily, aromatic liquid, the para form of C 8 H 8 O 2 , having a vanillalike odor: used chiefly in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfume, and as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Historical Examples Treating the odorless solid with methyl alcohol we get audepine (or anisic aldehyde) which is the […]

  • Aniso-

    a combining form meaning “unequal,” “uneven,” used in the formation of compound words: anisogamous. combining form not equal: anisogamy aniso- or anis- pref. Unequal; dissimilar: anisogamy.

  • Anisoaccommodation

    anisoaccommodation anisoaccommodation an·i·so·ac·com·mo·da·tion (ān-ī’sō-ə-kŏm’ə-dā’shən) n. Variation between the two eyes in accommodation capacity.

  • Anisocarpic

    (of a flower) having a lower number of carpels than of other floral parts.

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