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(of flowers) having floral whorls that differ in the number of their parts Compare isomerous (sense 2)


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  • Anisometropia

    noun an imbalance in the power of the two eyes to refract light Historical Examples No anisometropia worth mentioning was present in any of these cases. Schweigger on Squint C. Schweigger anisometropia an·i·so·me·tro·pi·a (ān-ī’sə-mĭ-trō’pē-ə) n. A condition in which the refractive power of one eye differs from that of the other. an·i’so·me·trop’ic (-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk) adj.

  • Anisometric

    not ; of unequal measurement. Mineralogy. (of a crystal) having axes of different lengths (opposed to ). Historical Examples We must distinguish between isometric and anisometric stanza forms. A History of English Versification Jakob Schipper adjective not isometric; having unsymmetrical parts or unequal measurements (of a crystal) having unequal axes

  • Anisometropic

    anisometropic anisometropic an·i·so·me·tro·pic (an- ī’sō-me- trop’ik) n. relating to anisometropia

  • Anisomorphic

    adjective (linguistics) differing in the semantic scope of terms referring to the real world: for instance, English and Russian are anisomorphic with regard to colour terms, English treating light blue and navy blue as shades of one colour but Russian treating these two shades as unrelated

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