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a tau cross with a loop at the top, used as a symbol of generation or enduring life.
Historical Examples

“With the ankh—just lay your hand on him like Mbopo did,” explained Critch, laughing.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

Its hieroglyphic name is ankh, and its signification is “to live.”
The Swastika Thomas Wilson

The ankh (life-sign) below the sun is the determinative of the act of giving birth or life.
The Evolution of the Dragon G. Elliot Smith

And here the inquiry is suggested, Was the ankh am the same as the modern henneh?
The Blood Covenant H. Clay Trumbull

In short, whoever had possession o’ the ankh could boss the whole country.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

I led him forward a step, then picked up the ankh an’ stood it on end.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

“Lay him here this way—right beside the ankh,” replied Burt.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

And we can carry off this whole blamed zareba that way, with the ankh too!
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

Then come the two brothers carryin’ the ankh between ’em on the spear.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

“My brother very bad,” answered the boy slowly, pointing to the ankh.
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

a tau cross with a loop on the top, symbolizing eternal life: often appearing in Egyptian personal names, such as Tutankhamen Also called ansate cross, crux ansata

tau cross with an oval at the top, Egyptian symbol of life, 1873, from Egyptian ankh, literally “life, soul.” Also known as crux ansata.


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