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Ankle jerk

a reflex extension of the foot, caused by contraction of the muscles of the calf, resulting from a sharp tap on the Achilles tendon; Achilles reflex.


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  • Ankle joint

    ankle joint ankle joint n. A hinge joint formed by the articulating of the tibia and the fibula with the talus below. Also called mortise joint, talocrural joint. Historical Examples The heel is carried naturally lower than the toe if the ankle joint is not rigid. Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Cavalry of […]

  • Ankle sock

    noun (often pl) (Brit) a short sock coming up to the ankle US term anklet

  • Ankle reflex

    ankle reflex ankle reflex n. See Achilles reflex.

  • Anklet

    a sock that reaches just above the . an ornamental circlet worn around the . Historical Examples She wore an anklet, and would often sit upon a table, and let it fall down over her foot to show it. The Story of My Life, volumes 4-6 Augustus J. C. Hare anklet with two knobs, formed […]

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