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a fear of joint immobility
Word Origin

ankylo- ‘crooked, stiff’


Read Also:

  • Ankylopoietic

    ankylopoietic ankylopoietic an·ky·lo·poi·et·ic (āng’kə-lō-poi-ět’ĭk) adj. Forming or characterized by ankylosis.

  • Ankyloproctia

    ankyloproctia ankyloproctia an·ky·lo·proc·ti·a (āng’kə-lō-prŏk’shē-ə) n. Imperforation or stricture of the anus.

  • Ankylosaur

    any of several herbivorous dinosaurs of the suborder Ankylosauria, from the Cretaceous Period, having the body covered with thick, bony plates. Historical Examples The Polacanthus and ankylosaur developed a most effective armour-plating over the rear. The Story of Evolution Joseph McCabe noun any of various quadrupedal herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs constituting the suborder Ankylosauria, which were […]

  • Ankylosaurus

    n. Cretaceous armored dinosaur, 1907, Modern Latin, from Greek ankylos “crooked” (see angle (n.)) + -saurus. Historical Examples Stegopelta of the Cretaceous of Wyoming is more nearly related to ankylosaurus. Dinosaurs William Diller Matthew ankylosaurus (āng’kə-lō-sôr’əs) or ankylosaur (āng’kə-lō-sôr’əs) A large, herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Ankylosaurus of the Cretaceous Period. Ankylosaurs had a squat, […]

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