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Ann, 1736–84, British mystic: founder of Shaker sect in U.S.
Charles, 1731–82, American Revolutionary general, born in England.
Doris Emrick [em-rik] /ˈɛm rɪk/ (Show IPA), 1905–1986, U.S. painter.
[fits-hyoo or, often, -yoo,, fits-hyoo or, often, -yoo] /ˈfɪtsˌhyu or, often, -ˌyu,, fɪtsˈhyu or, often, -ˈyu/ (Show IPA), 1835–1905, U.S. general and statesman (grandson of Henry Lee; nephew of Robert E. Lee).
Francis Lightfoot
[lahyt-foo t] /ˈlaɪtˌfʊt/ (Show IPA), 1734–97, American Revolutionary statesman (brother of Richard H. Lee).
Gypsy Rose (Rose Louise Hovick) 1914–70, U.S. entertainer.
Harper, born 1926, U.S. novelist.
Henry (“Light-Horse Harry”) 1756–1818, American Revolutionary general (father of Robert E. Lee).
Kuan Yew
[kwahn yoo] /kwɑn yu/ (Show IPA), born 1923, Singapore political leader: prime minister 1959–90.
Manfred Bennington
[man-frid] /ˈmæn frɪd/ (Show IPA), (“Ellery Queen”) 1905–71, U.S. mystery writer, in collaboration with Frederic Dannay.
Richard Henry, 1732–94, American Revolutionary statesman (brother of Francis L. Lee).
Robert E(dward) 1807–70, U.S. soldier and educator: Confederate general in the American Civil War (son of Henry Lee).
Sir Sidney, 1859–1926, English biographer and critic.
Spike (Shelton Jackson Lee) born 1957, U.S. film director, screenwriter, and actor.
[dzoo ng-dou] /ˈdzʊŋˈdaʊ/ (Show IPA), born 1926, Chinese physicist in the U.S.: Nobel Prize 1957.
a town in W Massachusetts: resort.
a male or female given name.
Historical Examples

History of American Socialisms John Humphrey Noyes
History of American Socialisms John Humphrey Noyes
Travels Through North America, v. 1-2 Berhard Saxe-Weimar Eisenach
America, Volume III (of 6) Joel Cook
History of American Socialisms John Humphrey Noyes

a sheltered part or side; the side away from the direction from which the wind is blowing
(nautical) by the lee, so that the wind is blowing on the wrong side of the sail
(nautical) under the lee, towards the lee
(prenominal) (nautical) on, at, or towards the side or part away from the wind: on a lee shore Compare weather (sense 5)
a river in SW Republic of Ireland, flowing east into Cork Harbour. Length: about 80 km (50 miles)
Ang (æŋ). born 1954, Taiwanese film director; his films include Sense and Sensibility (1995), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Brokeback Mountain (2005), and Life of Pi (2012)
Bruce, original name Lee Yuen Kam. 1940–73, US film actor and kung fu expert who starred in such films as Enter the Dragon (1973)
Gypsy Rose, original name Rose Louise Hovick. 1914–70, US striptease and burlesque artiste, who appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies (1936) and in films
Laurie (ˈlɒrɪ). 1914–97, British poet and writer, best known for the autobiographical Cider with Rosie (1959)
Richard Henry. 1732–94, American Revolutionary statesman, who moved the resolution in favour of American independence (1776)
Robert E(dward). 1807–70, American general; commander-in-chief of the Confederate armies in the Civil War
Spike, real name Shelton Jackson Lee. born 1957, US film director: his films include She’s Gotta Have It (1985), Malcolm X (1992), and the documentary When the Leeves Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (2008)
T(sung)-D(ao) (tsuːŋ daʊ). born 1926, US physicist, born in China. With Yang he disproved the principle that that parity is always conserved and shared the Nobel prize for physics in 1957


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