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a record of events, especially a yearly record, usually in chronological order.
historical records generally:
the annals of war.
a periodical publication containing the formal reports of an organization or learned field.
a record of events of a particular year:
an annal of the year 753.
a single record or entry in a historical chronicle:
A later scribe has added to the annal.
one of the periodic formal reports of an organization or learned field:
The proceedings will be published as an Annal of the Academy.
Contemporary Examples

It is hard to find, in the annals of American history, a public servant less competent and more harmful.
Cheney’s Love Letter to Himself Paul Begala September 6, 2011

The only published medical trial for ExtenZe came out last June in annals of the American Psychotherapy Association.
The Case for Upsizing Daniel Nester March 9, 2009

Influential fathers are hardly a new phenomenon in the annals of presidential politics.
Huntsman’s Big Daddy McKay Coppins, David A. Graham June 27, 2011

Nothing like it had ever been pulled off in the annals of New York City crime.
The High Society Bank Robber of the 1800s J. North Conway October 18, 2014

I think his inauguration is a gold-star day in the annals of American history.
Downhill After His Election Douglas Brinkley January 18, 2010

Historical Examples

Yesterday was perhaps the brightest in the annals of Vailima.
Vailima Letters Robert Louis Stevenson

The year 1780, was the most eventful one, in the annals of South Carolina.
A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion William Dobein James

It was a great day in the annals of the Blue City and of Liberalism.
The Lion’s Share E. Arnold Bennett

The battle was one of the most brilliant in the American annals.
Graham’s Magazine, Vol. XXXII No. 4, April 1848 Various

They write many pretty poems, and compose histories and annals of their own country.
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume IX. Robert Kerr

plural noun
yearly records of events, generally in chronological order
history or records of history in general
regular reports of the work of a society, learned body, etc
the recorded events of one year See also annals

1560s, from Latin annales libri “chronicles,” literally “yearlies, yearly books,” noun use of plural of annalis “pertaining to a year,” from annus “year” (see annual (adj.)).

rare singular of annals (q.v.).


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