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a former cupronickel coin of Pakistan, the 16th part of a rupee: last issued in 1960.
a former cupronickel coin of India, the 16th part of a rupee.
Douay Bible. .
a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “grace.”.
Historical Examples

Though another man’s wife, annas Lynn had wept for the handsome cavalier.
Barbara Lynn Emily J. Jenkinson

At the gates at Monksburn we took up annas, and Wedderburn joined us there too.
Out in the Forty-Five Emily Sarah Holt

At Channapatna, in Mysore, I purchased for three annas a large collection of articles of pottery made out of black and brown clay.
Castes and Tribes of Southern India Edgar Thurston

Grandmamma looked at me, then at Flora, then at annas, and took a pinch of snuff.
Out in the Forty-Five Emily Sarah Holt

I pay one anna (or three halfpence) for a chicken, or two annas for a full grown fowl.
Three Months of My Life J. F. Foster

I turned to Miss Newton with my eyes full, as annas rose from the harp.
Out in the Forty-Five Emily Sarah Holt

Following the impulse of the outer world when dealing with natives, I put my hand into my pocket and drew out four annas.
The Works of Rudyard Kipling: One Volume Edition Rudyard Kipling

I only hoped annas already knew of my share in the plot to rescue Angus.
Out in the Forty-Five Emily Sarah Holt

We saw captured a fine cock which my friend purchased for two annas.
Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar

I did not like his seeming to be thus at the beck and call of annas; and I did not know why it vexed me.
Out in the Forty-Five Emily Sarah Holt

a former Indian copper coin, worth one sixteenth of a rupee

fem. proper name, from Latin Anna, from Greek Anna, from Hebrew Hannah, literally “grace, graciousness” (see Hannah).
American Nephrology Nurses’ Association

was high priest A.D. 7-14. In A.D. 25 Caiaphas, who had married the daughter of Annas (John 18:13), was raised to that office, and probably Annas was now made president of the Sanhedrim, or deputy or coadjutor of the high priest, and thus was also called high priest along with Caiaphas (Luke 3:2). By the Mosaic law the high-priesthood was held for life (Num. 3:10); and although Annas had been deposed by the Roman procurator, the Jews may still have regarded him as legally the high priest. Our Lord was first brought before Annas, and after a brief questioning of him (John 18:19-23) was sent to Caiaphas, when some members of the Sanhedrim had met, and the first trial of Jesus took place (Matt. 26:57-68). This examination of our Lord before Annas is recorded only by John. Annas was president of the Sanhedrim before which Peter and John were brought (Acts 4:6).

grace, an aged widow, the daughter of Phanuel. She was a “prophetess,” like Miriam, Deborah, and Huldah (2 Chr. 34:22). After seven years of married life her husband died, and during her long widowhood she daily attended the temple services. When she was eighty-four years old, she entered the temple at the moment when the aged Simeon uttered his memorable words of praise and thanks to God that he had fulfilled his ancient promise in sending his Son into the world (Luke 2:36, 37).


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