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a person or thing that .
Mathematics. the set of all linear functionals that map to zero all elements of a given subset of a vector space.
Historical Examples

She did not care for “eternal card-parties,” and considered the card-table “an annihilator of ideas.”
Anna Seward Stapleton Martin

It is nature as the annihilator that he lives with and glories in.
Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature – 4. Naturalism in England Georg Brandes

They take pigeons up in balloons, and I guess chickens would live in the annihilator—at least, until we ate them.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

At Mr. Roumann’s suggestion they all increased their hours of work on the annihilator.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

He felt that he was personally the annihilator of the collective aristocracy.
The Goose Man Jacob Wassermann

We will be perfectly safe in the annihilator, and when we get to Mars I am sure you will like it there.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

I am that Snake, that annihilator: “wherever I fasten, in a few seconds——.”
The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb Charles Lamb

The interior of the annihilator was brilliant with electric lights.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

Also, if the gas is flaming, you can easily imagine what would happen to the annihilator.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

Water, properly applied, will do whatever the annihilator can accomplish, and also many things which the latter cannot do.
Fire Prevention and Fire Extinction James Braidwood


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