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causing ; irritatingly bothersome:
annoying delays.
Contemporary Examples

But Free to Be wasn’t politically-correct in an annoyingly preachy way.
‘Free to Be…You and Me’ Did Not Emasculate Men Emily Shire March 10, 2014

On top of his wealth and privilege, Osbourne is annoyingly driven.
What a Sad Little Empire Britain Has Become Janine di Giovanni March 21, 2013

We break down the big news stories of the day into something more like CliffsNotes than annoyingly long articles.
Matt Galligan, Co-founder and CEO of Circa, Shares His Home Screen’s Apps Matt Galligan February 3, 2014

The O.C: In season three, the annoyingly perky Taylor Townsend hooked up with the dreamy “Dean of Discipline.”
Gossip Girl Deathwatch Caitlin Shure February 5, 2009

annoyingly, Dating Naked tiptoes into heavy-handedness as a few of its subjects start telling sob stories.
In Praise of ‘Dating Naked’ and the Glorious Rise of Butts on Reality TV Kevin Fallon July 16, 2014

Historical Examples

The new school was still far off, however, and in the meantime there was close at hand a problem that piqued him annoyingly.
The Soul of a Child Edwin Bjorkman

The composer adequately treats this first motive in the development section so that its absence later is not annoyingly felt.
Unicorns James Huneker

The Sangamon County delegation was annoyingly aggressive in behalf of their county seat.
Stephen A. Douglas Allen Johnson

Just at this moment the door opened, and Miss Baby herself, looking most annoyingly handsome, put in her head.
Charles O’Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2) Charles Lever

Victor Durnovo was smarting under a sense of injury which was annoyingly indefinite.
With Edged Tools Henry Seton Merriman

causing irritation or displeasure


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