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Annual percentage rate

the annual equivalent of a rate of interest when the rate is quoted more frequently than annually, usually monthly APR


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  • Annual report

    a document reporting to stockholders on management and operations and containing fiscal information, published yearly by a publicly held corporation as required by federal law. noun a report presented by the directors of a company to its shareholders each year, containing the profit-and-loss account, the balance sheet, and details of the past year’s activity

  • Annual ring

    an annual formation of wood in plants, consisting of two concentric layers, one of springwood and one of summerwood. noun a ring of wood indicating one year’s growth, seen in the transverse section of stems and roots of woody plants growing in temperate climates Also called tree ring noun See tree ring annual ring See […]

  • Annual wage

    . a provision in a contract with an employer guaranteeing the employee a minimum income or work over a period of one year.

  • Annualize

    to calculate for or as for an entire year: Investors earned an annualized rate of seven percent paid quarterly. to be annualized. verb (transitive) to convert (a rate of interest) to an annual rate when it is quoted for a period of less than a year: credit card companies are obliged to quote an annualized […]

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