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Annular clock

a clock in the form of a vase, ball, etc., having the hours painted on a ring rotating beneath a pointer.


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  • Annular cataract

    annular cataract annular cataract n. A congenital cataract in which a central white membrane replaces the nucleus.

  • Annular eclipse

    an eclipse of the sun in which a portion of its surface is visible as a ring surrounding the dark moon. Historical Examples Johnston suggests that the reference is to an annular eclipse which he finds occurred on August 14, at about 8¼ h. in the morning. The Story of Eclipses George Chambers Baron de […]

  • Annular gear

    . a gear having teeth cut on an inner cylindrical surface.

  • Annular ligament

    the ligamentous envelope surrounding a part, as the joints of the wrist or ankle or the head of the radius. Historical Examples Paleys account of the function of the annular ligament at the ankle is correct, and strikingly put. Parallel Paths Thomas William Rolleston It lies along the Radius, and passeth under the annular ligament. […]

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