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the act of , especially the formal declaration that a marriage.
Psychoanalysis. a mental process by which unpleasant or painful ideas are abolished from the mind.
Contemporary Examples

A source also told the paper that Aaliyah ended all contact with Kelly after the annulment.
Why Has the Public Forgiven R. Kelly for His Sordid, Predatory Past? Marlow Stern December 8, 2013

The demand for annulment matters because Grayson is rich, even by Congress’s high standards.
Congressman Accuses Wife Of Bigamy Ben Jacobs April 28, 2014

Upon receiving communion, Hudson received an annulment from his first wife, then divorced his second wife four years later.
Is Newt Preparing for a 2012 Run? Max Blumenthal March 28, 2009

She was divorced in 1983, and there is no sign of her having secured an annulment.
One Tough Judge Scott Horton May 25, 2009

The new law contains a clause barring its annulment or appeal.
Hold Yemen Officials Who Sanctioned Civilian Attacks Accountable Letta Tayler January 27, 2012

Historical Examples

Vandervelde had never approved of the annulment of the Champneys marriage, although Marcia did.
The Purple Heights Marie Conway Oemler

It told the story of this law and its annulment by the court.
Theodore Roosevelt and His Times Harold Howland

He had come to Rome to endeavour to obtain the annulment of marriage of a lady who was in a convent at Mantua.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

The charters of Rhode Island and Connecticut were demanded for annulment .
The Colonies 1492-1750 Reuben Gold Thwaites

The priest said he was afraid from what I had told him that it was no use thinking of annulment.
Passing By Maurice Baring

a formal invalidation, as of a marriage, judicial proceeding, etc
the act of annulling

late 15c., “act of reducing to nothing;” see annul + -ment. Meaning “act of declaring invalid” is recorded from 1864.


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