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Annus horribilis

a terrible year
Contemporary Examples

Affleck later called the period the “annus horribilis of my life.”
A Look Back at ‘Gigli,’ the Infamous Bennifer-Starring Film, on Its 10th Anniversary Marlow Stern July 31, 2013

The incident caps an annus horribilis for the Spanish Royal Family.
It’s Not Good to Be the King David Frum May 17, 2012

Finally, last season, Idol’s annus horribilis, the wheels fell off the cart entirely.
Four Reasons American Idol Is Back From the Dead Richard Rushfield March 7, 2011

It was an annus mirabilis for the hideous (Putin, Assad, Cyrus), an annus horribilis for just about everyone else.
The Year in Awful: Worst Columns of 2013 Michael Moynihan December 30, 2013

It has been, to put it mildly, an annus horribilis for the families of Pan Am Flight 103.
Love After Lockerbie Lloyd Grove August 9, 2010


Latin for dreadful year

This annus horribilis has been the worst in a decade, with high unemployment, corporate failures, and the downturn of the stock market.
Word Origin

modeled on annus mirabilis ‘remarkable year’


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