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in a short time; soon.
at another time.
Archaic. at once; immediately.
ever and anon, now and then; occasionally.
Historical Examples

Ever and anon they would sell a yard of lace, a ribbon, a trinket, a pack of thread.
The Golden Road Frank Waller Allen

Ever and anon a rapid flash from a gas lamp, cast a bright gleam on their faces.
Therese Raquin Emile Zola

anon his brow cleared, and a fixed purpose glittered in his eyes.
Peccavi E. W. Hornung

anon, after his visitor had departed, Sir Oliver grew calm again.
The Sea-Hawk Raphael Sabatini

This document is so important that I must return to it anon.
Romantic Spain John Augustus O’Shea

Of this, anon, he made complaint to that magnificent prince, her uncle.
Love-at-Arms Raphael Sabatini

anon a more silent whispering surrounded him, without being able to behold any creature save the old German.
Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister Aphra Behn

anon Cynthia withdrew; next Kenneth, who went in quest of her.
The Tavern Knight Rafael Sabatini

anon La Beale Isoud came unto him, and either saluted other; then she asked him of whence that he was.
Le Morte D’Arthur, Volume II (of II) Thomas Malory

anon we may send you to Paris to represent us in the States-General.
The Trampling of the Lilies Rafael Sabatini

adverb (archaic or literary)
in a short time; soon
ever and anon, now and then

late Old English anon, earlier on an, literally “into one,” thus “continuously; straightway (in one course), at once;” see one. By gradual misuse, “soon, in a little while” (1520s). A one-word etymological lesson in the enduring power of procrastination.

An abbreviation for anonymous, used to indicate unknown or unacknowledged authorship. Without the period, anon means “at another time” or “again.”


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