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  • Anovesical

    anovesical anovesical a·no·ves·i·cal (ā’nō-věs’ĭ-kəl) adj. Relating to the anus and the urinary bladder.

  • Anovulant

    of, characterized by, or pertaining to a lack of or suppression of ovulation. a substance that suppresses ovulation. anovulant an·ov·u·lant (ān’ŏv’yə-lənt) n. A drug that suppresses ovulation.

  • Anonymity

    the state or quality of being . an person: some fine poetry attributed to anonymities. Contemporary Examples Arm people with a cloak of anonymity and a shield of non-accountability, and watch the cavalcade of crazy charge. Solange Is Blue Ivy’s Mom and Other Crazy Conspiracy Theories Kevin Fallon May 14, 2014 anonymity—as the author of […]

  • Anovulation

    the absence of ovulation. noun failure to produce eggs or to discharge them from an ovary anovulation an·o·vu·la·tion (ān-ō’vyə-lā’shən, -ŏv’yə-) n. Suspension or cessation of ovulation.

  • Anoxaemia

    a deficiency of in the arterial blood. noun a deficiency in the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood anoxemia an·ox·e·mi·a (ān’ŏk-sē’mē-ə) n. An absence of oxygen in arterial blood.

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