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a city in SW Connecticut.
Historical Examples

“You left your cloak and a small leather bag in the vestiaire at the Ansonia,” pursued M. Paul.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

When the Ansonia comes in this time, you can find a new chief officer for her.
The Viking Blood Frederick William Wallace

She saw it distinctly and watched where it fell beyond the high wall that separated the Ansonia Hotel from an adjoining courtyard.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

Here are the Ansonia Kennels, which raise white German shepherds.
North Dakota Various

It was a long night at the Ansonia and a hard night for M. Gritz.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

The next day all Paris buzzed and wondered about this Ansonia affair, as it was called.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

Of all his ventures, however, this recently opened Ansonia (hotel and restaurant) was by far the most ambitious.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

Strange this resemblance to the fatal corridor at the Ansonia!
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

He had it that night when he escaped from the Ansonia and he has it now.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett

It was thrown from private room Number Seven at the Ansonia.
Through the Wall Cleveland Moffett


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