to make hostile or unfriendly; make an enemy or of:
His speech antagonized many voters.
to act in opposition to; oppose.
Rare. to act .
Contemporary Examples

antagonizing the Clinton administration eventually contributed to Netanyahu’s downfall.
Why Bibi Humiliated Biden Martin Indyk March 10, 2010

And all are fearful of ridicule or, worse, antagonizing voters back home.
Who Did Nancy Pelosi’s New Face? Sandra McElwaine March 25, 2009

Every bomb we drop, antagonizing more civilians, makes that goal more unrealizable.
America’s Next Unwinnable War Theodore Sorensen October 29, 2009

Historical Examples

Many other bodies are here, antagonizing the established order of things and teaching religious anarchy.
The Gist of Japan R. B. Peery

In antagonizing you farmers, I’ve opened the way for the enemies of the Service to reach you.
Still Jim Honor Willsie Morrow

There are countless facts not only unaccounted for but diametrically opposed to it and antagonizing it.
The Other Side of Evolution Alexander Patterson

Nothing could possibly compensate her for antagonizing Felipe.
Ramona Helen Hunt Jackson

Instead of antagonizing the Japanese, we should cultivate their good will.
Our National Defense: George Hebard Maxwell

Their antagonizing influence is encountered wherever the gospel is preached.
The Gist of Japan R. B. Peery

Afraid to call your souls your own for fear of antagonizing the gang.
Langford of the Three Bars Kate Boyles

verb (transitive)
to make hostile; annoy or irritate
to act in opposition to or counteract

1630s, “to compete with,” from Greek antagonizesthai “to struggle against, oppose, be a rival” (see antagonist). Meaning “to struggle against continuously” is recorded from 1742. Related: Antagonized; antagonizing.

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