a red supergiant star of the first magnitude in the constellation Scorpius.
Historical Examples

It was slightly larger than the one Graylock had carried out of the Antares with him, perfectly cut.
The Star Hyacinths James H. Schmitz

The star ι Libræ is about 20° northwest of Antares in the Scorpion.
A Field Book of the Stars William Tyler Olcott

Mr. Dawes once saw the companion of Antares shining alone for seven seconds, the primary being hidden by the moon.
Half-hours with the Telescope Richard A. Proctor

The Swiftwing ships out tonight, Bartol—for Antares and beyond.
The Colors of Space Marion Zimmer Bradley

When you get to the Antares we’ll give each of the boys a full shot of kwil.
The Star Hyacinths James H. Schmitz

Antares is probably a binary, although its binary character has not yet been established.
Pleasures of the telescope Garrett Serviss

As Bart watched Antares growing in the viewports, he felt a variety of emotions.
The Colors of Space Marion Zimmer Bradley

It differs, too, from the brilliant red star of summer, Antares.
Astronomy with an Opera-glass Garrett Putman Serviss

These constellations contain the following stars of the first magnitude—Aldebaran, Antares, and Spica.
Astronomical Myths John F. Blake

The first thing to look for is two famous red or reddish stars—Arcturus and Antares.
Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know Julia Ellen Rogers

the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius. It is a variable binary star whose main component, a red supergiant, is associated with a fainter green component. Visual magnitude: 1.2 (red), 6.8 (green); spectral type: M1.5Ib (red); distance: 600 light years

bright star in Scorpio, from Greek Antares, from anti Ares “rival of Mars,” in reference to its red color, which resembles that of Mars. See anti- + Ares.

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