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  • Antasthmatic

    relieving or preventing asthma or an paroxysm. an antasthmatic agent.

  • Antatrophic

    preventing or curing atrophy. an antatrophic agent.

  • Ant bear

    . Historical Examples Among them was that of a leopard, an ant bear, and a serval cat. The Forest of Mystery James H. Foster noun another name for aardvark

  • Ant bird

    any of numerous passerine of the family Formicariidae, of the New World tropics, many species of which follow swarms to feed on insects disturbed by the . noun any of various dull-coloured South American passerine birds of the family Formicariidae, such as Hylophylax naevioides (spotted ant bird), that typically feed on ants Also called bush […]

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