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a person who goes before; predecessor.
Historical Examples

But we may especially note the epithet by which the witches are said to have first appealed to the Devil—antecessor.
Demonology and Devil-lore Moncure Daniel Conway

No one of these five sokemen belonged to his antecessor Wigot; every one of them might sell his land.
Domesday Book and Beyond Frederic William Maitland

We read a good deal of men who were sub-commended to the antecessor of Robert Malet.
Domesday Book and Beyond Frederic William Maitland

The grantee stepped exactly into the place of the antecessor; he inherited all his rights and all his burthens.
William the Conqueror Edward Augustus Freeman

He inherited therewith any disputes as to the extent of the lands of the antecessor or as to the nature of his tenure.
William the Conqueror Edward Augustus Freeman

But the grantee often took possession of the whole of the land held by the antecessor, as if it were all alike his own.
William the Conqueror Edward Augustus Freeman


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