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an antenatal clinic.
Historical Examples

But deep within her the antenatal thing that lay here had a dream.
Dreams Olive Schreiner

The reminiscence of some antenatal incarnation of his own soul?
The Martian George Du Maurier

It was as if her folding arms had been his antenatal hiding-place; as if she had brought him forth with anguish a second time.
The Creators May Sinclair

If I was born of you, there must have been some juggling with my soul in antenatal regions!
The Flight of the Shadow George MacDonald

He knew his antenatal history, knew it in every detail, and it was a thing to keep causes well before him.
The Golden Bowl Henry James

The very habit of our thoughts may be persuaded one way unawares by their antenatal history.
The Rhythm of Life Alice Meynell

Of all the vain wishes, the retroactive pluperfect are the vainest, and an antenatal wish is sublimely ridiculous.
We Can’t Have Everything Rupert Hughes

The importance of antenatal puericulture was fully recognized in China a thousand years ago.
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 (of 6) Havelock Ellis

It exists only in the psychic vacuum of antenatal life, or perhaps only in the potentiality of the germ plasm.
Introduction to the Science of Sociology Robert E. Park

occurring or present before birth; during pregnancy
(informal) Also called prenatal. an examination during pregnancy

“before birth,” 1798, from Latin ante “before” (see ante) + natal.

antenatal an·te·na·tal (ān’tē-nāt’l)
See prenatal.


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