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Mount, a peak in central Colorado, in the Sawatch Mountains. 14,269 feet (4349 meters).
a combining form with the meaning “situated in front, fore,” used in the formation of compound words:
Historical Examples

This projects as a small sac between the Antero- and postero-lateral ligaments of the joint.
Diseases of the Horse’s Foot Harry Caulton Reeks

The chesnut woods of Antero de Herrares opened their enamelled glades before the travellers.
The Pastor’s Fire-side Vol. 3 of 4 Jane Porter

I have already spoken of the forceful sonnets of that tragic Portuguese, Antero de Quental, who died by his own hand.
Tragic Sense Of Life Miguel de Unamuno

antero- pref.
Anterior; in front: anteroposterior.


Read Also:

  • Anterofacial dysplasia

    anterofacial dysplasia anterofacial dysplasia an·ter·o·fa·cial dysplasia (ān’tə-rō-fā’shəl) n. The abnormal growth in an anteroposterior direction of the face or cranium.

  • Anterograde

    anterograde anterograde an·ter·o·grade (ān’tə-rō-grād’) adj. Moving forward.

  • Anterograde amnesia

    noun amnesia caused by brain damage in which the memory loss relates to events occurring after the damage Compare retrograde amnesia anterograde amnesia n. A condition in which events that occurred after the onset of amnesia cannot be recalled and new memories cannot be formed.

  • Anteroinferior

    anteroinferior anteroinferior an·ter·o·in·fe·ri·or (ān’tə-rō-ĭn-fēr’ē-ər) adj. In front and below.

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