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a that admits to a larger .
a .
Contemporary Examples

There was a black kid waiting in the anteroom and I asked him if he would stand up for us.
Mel Brooks Is Always Funny and Often Wise in This 1975 Playboy Interview Alex Belth February 15, 2014

When the corporate lobbyists arrived, however, they were told to cool their heels in an anteroom.
The End of the Detroit Dream Paul Ingrassia January 5, 2010

At this time, House Speaker Nicholas Longworth made his own alcohol and served it to colleagues in his anteroom.
Return of the Boozy Politician Rebecca Dana, Samuel P. Jacobs November 4, 2010

Historical Examples

In an anteroom at the right women had been stripped and exposed to the gaze of brutal men.
The Boys of ’61 Charles Carleton Coffin.

Then he leapt back again, and his leap brought him to the threshold of the anteroom.
St. Martin’s Summer Rafael Sabatini

The dressing room, apodyterium, was usually entered from the court through a passageway or anteroom.
Pompeii, Its Life and Art August Mau

Was he going to die here in an anteroom at the hands of this common soldier?
The Web of the Golden Spider Frederick Orin Bartlett

An anteroom is crowded with divers persons, all messengers in the various negotiations of pleasure.
Devereux, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Was that the man who passed me in the anteroom before I was shown in here?
Gossamer George A. Birmingham

The star speaker meanwhile refreshed himself in the anteroom with tea, tobacco and conversation as before.
The Foundations of Japan J.W. Robertson Scott

a room giving entrance to a larger room, often used as a waiting room

also ante-room, 1762, literally “a room in front;” after French antichambre, Italian anticamera, from Latin ante “before” (see ante) + camera (see chamber).


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