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regarding the human being as the central fact of the universe.
assuming human beings to be the final aim and end of the universe.
viewing and interpreting everything in terms of human experience and values.
regarding man as the most important and central factor in the universe

“regarding man as the center,” 1855, from anthropo- + -centric. Related: Anthropocentrically.

anthropocentric an·thro·po·cen·tric (ān’thrə-pə-sěn’trĭk)

Regarding humans as the central element of the universe.

Interpreting reality exclusively in terms of human values and experience.


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  • Anthropocentricity

    the state or quality of being . an interpretation of the universe.

  • Anthropocentrism

    an theory or view. n. 1897; see anthropocentric + -ism.

  • Anthropogenesis

    the or development of the human race, especially as a subject of scientific study. Historical Examples Such is the native physiography and anthropogenesis of the land of the Oregon. The Columbia River William Denison Lyman noun the study of the origins of man anthropogenesis (ān’thrə-pə-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) The scientific study of the origin and development of humans.

  • Anthropogenic

    caused or produced by humans: anthropogenic air pollution. Contemporary Examples Over 900 peer-reviewed scientific articles have adduced evidence that anthropogenic climate change is real. Extreme Weather? Blame the End Times Jay Michaelson November 27, 2014 The overwhelming evidence points to the reality of anthropogenic global warming. The Ridiculous Global-Warming Freakout Tunku Varadarajan November 15, 2010 […]

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