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Anthropoid ape

any tailless ape of the families Pongidae and Hylobatidae, anatomically resembling humans, and comprising the gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, gibbons and siamangs.
Historical Examples

I have the same interest in him Uncle John had in the new variety of anthropoid ape in the Zoo at home.
Under the Southern Cross Elizabeth Robins

In the anthropoid ape we already find the family, but not the clan.
The Sexual Question August Forel

It follows that man never was an anthropoid ape, nor any other animal now living around us.
Pedagogical Anthropology Maria Montessori

The anthropoid ape, like man, has only the rudiment of a tail.
The Churches and Modern Thought Philip Vivian

It spans the chasm between the anthropoid ape and man as no other bridge can span it.
Life: Its True Genesis R. W. Wright

In this respect the anthropoid ape stands upon a higher plane than many men.
The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions Carveth Read

You’ve got to pay a long string of ’em from General Pomposo down to this anthropoid ape guarding your door.
Roads of Destiny O. Henry

But the teeth are human teeth, and the jaw seems transitional between that of an anthropoid ape and that of man.
The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4) J. Arthur Thomson

“The anthropoid ape wasn’t exactly a monkey, although he may have looked and acted like one,” laughed Donald.
‘Smiles’ Eliot H. Robinson

The accompanying cut (Fig. 29) shows how to make the hand of an anthropoid ape so that it shall be as natural as life.
Taxidermy and Zoological Collecting William T. Hornaday

any primate of the family Pongidae, having no tail, elongated arms, and a highly developed brain. The group includes gibbons, orang-utans, chimpanzees, and gorillas
anthropoid ape
A primate belonging to the family Pongidae, which includes the chimpanzee, bonobo, gorilla, and orangutan. Orangutans are arboreal whereas the other three species are terrestrial or semiarboreal. Anthropoid apes move in trees mainly by arm-swinging and on the ground by quadrupedal walking in which the upper body weight is borne on the knuckles. Also called great ape, pongid. Compare hominid.


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