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a person who specializes in .
Contemporary Examples

The sociologist and anthropologist answer that the work is the relationship.
How Terrible Is Christmas? Megan McArdle December 25, 2012

The anthropologist in Khost, Michael Bhatia, died in a roadside bomb attack on May 7, 2008, aged 31.
Send in the Marines—and the Anthropologists too? John Kael Weston August 22, 2013

The anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss saw the Amazon rainforest, as he saw most things, as a complex structure.
Exploring the Amazon, While We Still Can Darrell Hartman May 14, 2014

Like an amateur sociologist or anthropologist, it’s interesting to me to see how groups break down.
Who’s Missing in First Class? Lauren Zalaznick December 10, 2010

The remains will go next to the University of Wisconsin for an anthropologist and odontologist to inspect.
The WWII Hero America Abandoned Megan McCloskey, ProPublica March 20, 2014

Historical Examples

The anthropologist was too erratic a man 122 to inspire confidence, and the Phantom needed someone whom he could trust absolutely.
The Gray Phantom’s Return Herman Landon

anthropologist as he was, he had suspected this from the start.
Lost in the Wilds of Brazil James H. Foster

It has given us glimpses of the workshop of the archaeologist, the anthropologist, and the etymologist.
Mazes and Labyrinths W. H. Matthews

The anthropologist jumped up with the abruptness of a rabbit.
The Gray Phantom’s Return Herman Landon

No anthropologist, I hope, is denying that Nature-myths and Nature-gods exist.
Modern Mythology Andrew Lang


1798, from anthropology + -ist.


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