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designed for or used in defense against enemy .
artillery used against enemy .
a military organization operating and servicing antiaircraft artillery.
shellfire from antiaircraft artillery:
The planes flew through heavy antiaircraft.
Contemporary Examples

Thursday morning, Lebanese military sources say it was Syrian anti-aircraft missile.
Rubio in Israel: U.S. Shouldn’t Dictate Settlement Policies Orly Halpern February 21, 2013

The government forces rolled out even more hardware: they shot at the rebels with anti-aircraft guns and even 122mm Grad rockets.
Libya’s Rebels Advance on Gaddafi’s Hometown Babak Dehghanpisheh March 4, 2011

About six rebels arrived at the hotel with an anti-aircraft gun and began blocking elevators in preparation for a search.
Latest in Libya: Complete Coverage The Daily Beast August 26, 2011

In mid-July the British anti-aircraft guns had been reinforced and enhanced by a new American radar system.
Life Under Air Strikes: Children Under Fire Will Never Forget — or Forgive Clive Irving August 2, 2014

They had onion skin traces made of all bombers returning from raids, as to where they’d been hit by anti-aircraft and enemy fire.
Peter Worthington on Thinking Outside the Box David Frum May 16, 2013

Historical Examples

The anti-aircraft batteries, with no target, suddenly stopped firing.
The Lost Warship Robert Moore Williams

They were fired at from the ground by anti-aircraft artillery.
The War in the Air; Vol. 1 Walter Raleigh.

But he was so low that he was within range of the German anti-aircraft guns, and straightway they began shooting at him.
Air Service Boys Over The Rhine Charles Amory Beach

The squadron replied with anti-aircraft guns, maxims, and rifles.
The War in the Air; Vol. 1 Walter Raleigh.

And all around him the anti-aircraft guns were placing a barrage of death.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various

(modifier) of or relating to defence against aircraft attack: anti-aircraft batteries

also antiaircraft, 1914, from anti- + aircraft.


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