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the act of or state of being .
moral perversion; depravity.
perversion of integrity.
or dishonest proceedings.
debasement or alteration, as of language or a text.
a debased form of a word.
putrefactive decay; rottenness.
any influence or agency.
Contemporary Examples

“He wrote a lot about anti-corruption and anti-big business,” Seattle fan Danny Hernandez told The Daily Beast.
Dragon Tattoo’s Berserk Fans on the Casting News Claire Martin August 15, 2010

Turkey ranks 53 out of 177 countries in a corruption perceptions index by Transparency International, an anti-corruption NGO.
Turkey Sacks Police Chiefs After Arrests Target Politicians’ Families Thomas Seibert December 17, 2013

For the moment, the hope among the Russian elite is that the anti-corruption drive is cosmetic.
Putin Needs an Enemy After Berezovsky’s Death Peter Pomerantsev March 24, 2013

Take a good look at the face on your TV screen,” the ads intoned, labeling Cianci “The anti-corruption Candidate.
Can America’s Favorite Ex-Con Mayor Win Again? David Freedlander June 21, 2014

The prime minister must appear before the anti-corruption commission on February 27 to answer the malfeasance charges.
Can Thailand’s Prime Minister Cling To Power? Lennox Samuels February 18, 2014

Kiselyov is fond of Third Reich references, likening Russian anti-corruption campaigner and Putin critic Alexey Navalny to Hitler.
Putin’s New Shock Jock James Kirchick December 16, 2013

We know and abide by the News Corporation Global Anti-Bribery and anti-corruption Policy.
News Corp.’s Damning Code of Conduct David A. Graham July 18, 2011

But while his anti-corruption message has wide appeal, his unabashedly nationalist politics scare many traditional liberals.
Russian Opposition Leader Demands New Elections Anna Nemtsova December 27, 2011

The next month security forces arrested another after he started an anti-corruption Facebook group.
Pitfalls Of Covering Palestinian Corruption George Hale November 1, 2012

The activist was planning to go on a fast, demanding a new law to appoint an anti-corruption watchdog.
Hunger Strike Inflames India Salil Tripathi August 17, 2011

the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt
moral perversion; depravity
dishonesty, esp bribery
putrefaction or decay
alteration, as of a manuscript
an altered form of a word

mid-14c., of material things, especially dead bodies, also of the soul, morals, etc., from Latin corruptionem (nominative corruptio), noun of action from past participle stem of corrumpere (see corrupt). Of public offices from early 15c.; of language from late 15c.


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