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of or relating to or its inhabitants.
native to or derived from :
traditional European customs; European languages.
a native or inhabitant of .
a person of European descent.
(in East Africa and Asia) a white person; Caucasian.
Historical Examples

Order could only be restored through the intervention of Arabi, who now adopted a more distinctly anti-european attitude.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

Ireland is appropriated and used, not to the service of European interests but to the extension of anti-european interests.
The Crime Against Europe Roger Casement

opposed to the European Union or to political union of the countries of Europe
a person who is opposed to the European Union or to political union of the countries of Europe
of or relating to Europe or its inhabitants
native to or derived from Europe
a native or inhabitant of Europe
a person of European descent
a supporter of the European Union or of political union of the countries of Europe or a part of it

c.1600, from French Européen, from Latin Europaeus, from Greek Europaios “European,” from Europe (see Europe).


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