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Anti populist

a member of the People’s party.
(lowercase) a supporter or adherent of populism.
Also, Populistic. of or relating to the People’s party.
Also, populistic. (lowercase) of, relating to, or characteristic of populism or its adherents.
appealing to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people
a person, esp a politician, who appeals to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people
(US, history) a member of the People’s Party, formed largely by agrarian interests to contest the 1892 presidential election. The movement gradually dissolved after the 1904 election
of, characteristic of, or relating to the People’s Party, the Populists, or any individual or movement with similar aims

1892 (n.) “adherent of populism;” 1893 (adj.), American English, from Latin populus “people” (see people (n.)) + -ist. Originally in reference to the U.S. Populist Party organized February 1892 to promote certain issues important to farmers and workers. The term outlasted the party, and by 1920s came to mean “representing the views of the masses” in a general way.


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