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Anti sag

to sink or bend downward by weight or pressure, especially in the middle:
The roof sags.
to hang down unevenly; droop:
Her skirt was sagging.
to droop; hang loosely:
His shoulders sagged.
to yield through weakness, lack of effort, or the like:
Our spirits began to sag.
to decline, as in price:
The stock market sagged today.

(of a hull) to droop at the center or have excessive sheer because of structural weakness.
Compare (def 14).
to be driven to leeward; to make too much .

to cause to sag.
an act or instance of sagging.
the degree of sagging.
a place where anything sags; depression.
a moderate decline in prices.

deflection downward of a hull amidships, due to structural weakness.
(def 3).

verb (mainly intransitive) sags, sagging, sagged
(also transitive) to sink or cause to sink in parts, as under weight or pressure: the bed sags in the middle
to fall in value: prices sagged to a new low
to hang unevenly; droop
(of courage, spirits, etc) to weaken; flag
the act or an instance of sagging: a sag in profits
(nautical) the extent to which a vessel’s keel sags at the centre Compare hog (sense 6), hogged

a marshy depression in an area of glacial till, chiefly in the US Middle West
(as modifier): sag and swell topography


late 14c., possibly from a Scandinavian source related to Old Norse sokkva “to sink,” or from Middle Low German sacken “to settle, sink” (as dregs in wine), from denasalized derivative of Proto-Germanic base *senkwanan “to sink” (see sink (v.)). A general North Sea Germanic word (cf. Dutch zakken, Swedish sacka, Danish sakke). Of body parts from 1560s; of clothes from 1590s. Related: Sagged; sagging.

1580s, in nautical use, from sag (v.). From 1727 of landforms; 1861 of wires, cables, etc.
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