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a swollen part; swelling; protuberance.
an uncontrolled, abnormal, circumscribed growth of cells in any animal or plant tissue; neoplasm.

inflated pride; haughtiness.
pompous language; bombast.

Contemporary Examples

But research is indicating that CBD-rich strains of the plant actually have anti-tumoral properties.
Ricki Lake: The ‘Weed the People’ Filmmaker on Why We Should Legalize Marijuana Ricki Lake May 19, 2014


1540s, from Latin tumor “swelling, condition of being swollen,” from tumere “to swell” (see thigh).

tumor tu·mor (tōō’mər, tyōō’-)

An abnormal growth of tissue resulting from uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells and serving no physiological function; a neoplasm.

A swollen part; a swelling.

See neoplasm. See Note at cancer.

An abnormal mass of new tissue growth that serves no function in the body. Tumors are usually classified as benign or malignant and are often caused by cancer.


The stomach: eliminating the protruding tummy

[1869+; fr a childish pronunciation of stomach]


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