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antianaphylaxis an·ti·an·a·phy·lax·is (ān’tē-ān’ə-fə-lāk’sĭs, ān’tī-)
See desensitization.


Read Also:

  • Antiandrogen

    antiandrogen antiandrogen an·ti·an·dro·gen (ān’tē-ān’drə-jən, ān’tī-) n. A substance that prevents expression of biological effects of androgenic hormones on responsive tissues.

  • Antianemic

    antianemic antianemic an·ti·a·ne·mic (ān’tē-ə-nē’mĭk, ān’tī-) adj. Relating to factors or substances that prevent or correct anemic conditions.

  • Antianxiety agent

    antianxiety agent antianxiety agent n. Any of a group of drugs used to treat anxiety without causing excessive sedation.

  • Anti-vitamin

    any substance that interferes with the action of a . antivitamin an·ti·vi·ta·min (ān’tē-vī’tə-mĭn, ān’tī-) n. A substance that prevents a vitamin from exerting its typical metabolic effects.

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