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a seaport in SE France, SW of Nice: preserved ruins of 4th-century b.c. Roman town.
Historical Examples

Making brooms from brushwood at Antibes for use on army roads.
“I was there” C. LeRoy Baldridge

He had to leave for Antibes at three; he could not do without it.
The Good Soldier Ford Madox Ford

But along the coast you are not in France until you reach Antibes.
Riviera Towns Herbert Adams Gibbons

At Antibes they had a beautiful villa, and later a mansion at Milan.
Famous Affinities of History, Vol 1-4, Complete Lyndon Orr

I was then in hiding at her house on her estate near the Antibes.
The Red and the Black Stendhal

Cannes, Grasse, Antibes, and Nice are the places where it is most cultivated.
The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot

At night the lighthouses of Cannes and Antibes flashed alternately red and green, and between them Cannes sparkled.
Riviera Towns Herbert Adams Gibbons

We had a villa at Antibes when I was a little chap, before we lost our money.
The Incredible Honeymoon E. Nesbit

We arrived at Antibes to-day at noon, within fifteen miles of the frontier of Sardinia.
Pencillings by the Way N. Parker Willis

We proceeded to Antibes, which opened its gate to us without any difficulty.
Four Years in France Henry Digby Beste

a port and resort in SE France, on the Mediterranean: an important Roman town. Pop: 72 412 (1999)


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