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of, showing, or expressing .
Historical Examples

“It’s pretty wild out there evidently,” Hamilton said anticipatorily.
The Boy With the U.S. Census Francis Rolt-Wheeler


1660s, from anticipate + -ory.


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    of, showing, or expressing . Contemporary Examples After weeks of anticipatory gloom, liberals can exhale and smile. Michael Tomasky on Obamacare’s Reversal of Fortune on the Supreme Court Michael Tomasky June 27, 2012 I suffered years of anticipatory grief, mostly in isolation. My Mother’s Lifelong Mission—to End Her Life Christine W. Hartmann November 17, 2011 […]

  • Anticipatory assimilation

    . assimilation in which a following sound has an effect on a preceding one, as in pronouncing have in have to as [haf] /hæf/ (Show IPA) influenced by the voiceless (t) in to.

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  • Anticlimactically

    of, like, pertaining to, or expressing . adj. also anti-climactic, 1831; see anticlimax + -ic.

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