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  • Antical

    adjective (of the position of plant parts) in front of or above another part; anterior

  • Anticapitalist

    a person who has , especially extensive , invested in business enterprises. an advocate of . a very wealthy person. Contemporary Examples The FN has become a protectionist, anticapitalist party of the dislocated working classes. Euro Riot Watch David Frum April 29, 2012 adjective opposed to or against the principles or practice of capitalism: anticapitalist […]

  • Antibiosis

    an association between organisms that is injurious to one of them. noun an association between two organisms, esp microorganisms, that is harmful to one of them antibiosis an·ti·bi·o·sis (ān’tē-bī-ō’sĭs, ān’tī-) n. An association between two or more organisms that is detrimental to at least one of them. The antagonistic association between an organism and the […]

  • Anticensorship

    the act or practice of . the office or power of a . the time during which a censor holds office. the inhibiting and distorting activity of the Freudian censor. adjective opposed to a policy or programme of censoring noun a policy or programme of censoring the act or system of censoring (psychoanal) the activity […]

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