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of or relating to a substance that is used in the treatment of mood disorders, as characterized by various manic or depressive affects.
Also called energizer, psychic energizer. any such substance, as a tricyclic antidepressant, MAO inhibitor, or lithium.
Contemporary Examples

“antidepressant drugs, for me, they’re like antibiotics ,” he says.
Do Antidepressants Make You Sad? Casey Schwartz June 14, 2011

[It] does not resemble standard antipsychotic, antidepressant, antianxiety or hypnotic drugs in simple drug interaction tests.
How Pfizer Helped Make ‘Spice,’ The Deadly Fake Pot Abby Haglage May 16, 2014

But this week, a study on antidepressant use appeared, and shocked many.
Anti-Depressant Nation Adam Hanft October 4, 2008

Psychiatrists had prescribed various drugs, including an antidepressant, Celexa, for his routine use.
The Mirage Man by David Willman: Anthrax Attacker Bruce Ivins’ Obsessions June 1, 2011

However, it can interfere seriously with blood thinners and should never be taken with other antidepressant drugs.
Fish Oil, Turmeric, and Ginseng, Oh My! Are ‘Brain Foods’ B.S.? Dr. Anand Veeravagu, MD October 9, 2014

“A doctor would never prescribe more than one antidepressant,” says Dr. Frank Vaccaro, a prominent New York psychiatrist.
Did Antidepressants Contribute to Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Suicide? Laurence Leamer July 7, 2012

She began to attend therapy and to see a psychiatrist, who prescribed an antidepressant.
One Breakdown Can Mean Losing Your Kid Forever ProPublica May 29, 2014

any of a class of drugs used to alleviate depression
of or relating to this class of drugs

1876, from anti- + depressant.

antidepressant an·ti·de·pres·sant (ān’tē-dĭ-prěs’ənt, ān’tī-)
A drug used to prevent or relieve mental depression.
an’ti·de·pres’sive (-prěs’ĭv) adj.
(ān’tē-dĭ-prěs’ənt, ān’tī-)
A drug used to prevent or treat depression.


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