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of or relating to a substance that is used in the treatment of mood disorders, as characterized by various manic or depressive affects.
Also called energizer, psychic energizer. any such substance, as a tricyclic antidepressant, MAO inhibitor, or lithium.
Contemporary Examples

Many of those who die have alcohol, antidepressants, and/or pain medications in their bloodstreams at death.
Death of Kate Middleton Nurse Shows How Humiliation Can Lead to Suicide Kent Sepkowitz December 9, 2012

For men, antidepressants are roughly half as common, but that number is changing.
Americans’ Prescription-Pill Use Skyrockets, Medco Report Finds Casey Schwartz November 15, 2011

Did antidepressants help drive Mary Richardson Kennedy to suicide?
Did Antidepressants Contribute to Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Suicide? Laurence Leamer July 7, 2012

The exact mechanisms in the brain on which antidepressants might work to make relapse more likely are not, by any means, clear.
Do Antidepressants Make You Sad? Casey Schwartz June 14, 2011

In a turn that vindicates Aldous Huxley, one in ten Americans ingests their daily Soma supplement in the form of antidepressants.
New Year’s Reading List: Books to Transform Your Sad Life David Masciotra December 31, 2013

Mary Richardson Kennedy had three antidepressants in her system when she hanged herself.
Did Antidepressants Contribute to Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Suicide? Laurence Leamer July 7, 2012

I work in healthcare, and I see on many charts of women raising children lists of antidepressants and antianxiety meds.
Why Are More Boomers Killing Themselves? Lizzie Stark October 21, 2008

The self on antidepressants becomes the only self they know.
America’s Zoloft Problem: A Generation Grows Up With Antidepressants Cara Spitalewitz July 14, 2012

Jacintha, 46, spent days in intensive care and was put on a course of antidepressants for nine months.
Tragic Kate Middleton Nurse Had Made Two Previous Suicide Attempts Tom Sykes December 23, 2012

Historical Examples

The main advantage of ECT is that it acts much faster than any of the antidepressants.
When You Don’t Know Where to Turn Steven J. Bartlett

any of a class of drugs used to alleviate depression
of or relating to this class of drugs

1876, from anti- + depressant.

antidepressant an·ti·de·pres·sant (ān’tē-dĭ-prěs’ənt, ān’tī-)
A drug used to prevent or relieve mental depression.
an’ti·de·pres’sive (-prěs’ĭv) adj.
(ān’tē-dĭ-prěs’ənt, ān’tī-)
A drug used to prevent or treat depression.

Drugs that prevent or relieve the symptoms of depression. Various psychological disorders are treated with antidepressants.

Note: Although there are many antidepressant drugs now in use, the best known is Prozac®.


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