opposed or hostile to homosexuals or to homosexual social reforms and institutions, etc.
Contemporary Examples

It is neither pro-choice nor pro-life; neither pro-NRA nor pro-gun control; neither pro-equality nor antigay.
Paul Begala: With Ryan, Romney Has the Plutocrat Ticket Paul Begala August 10, 2012

With its antigay policies, Scouting is wrong and Scouting is unjust.
The Eagle Scouts and Boy Scouts of America’s Antigay Policy Naka Nathaniel June 16, 2012

Somehow they turned a simple joke about oral sex into an antigay statement.
50 Cent’s Gay Suicide Controversy Tricia Romano October 5, 2010

The news of the Boy Scouts of America reconsidering its antigay stances is encouraging.
The Eagle Scouts and Boy Scouts of America’s Antigay Policy Naka Nathaniel June 16, 2012

Carlos Apolinário, the city councilman who sponsored the measure, denies the bill is antigay.
A Brazilian Straight Pride Day? Mac Margolis August 4, 2011

Spiegelman was fired for sending a nasty email with antigay slurs to someone who had crossed him.
Murdoch’s U.S. Tabloid Scandal Howard Kurtz July 12, 2011

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