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a son of Nestor and a trusted friend of Achilles.
Historical Examples

He then gave the half talent to Antilochus, who received it gladly.
The Iliad Homer

But Menelaus got up in a rage, furiously angry with Antilochus.
The Iliad Homer

But Antilochus noted a narrow gully, where the rain had collected and had carried away a part of the course.
The Children’s Hour, Volume 3 (of 10) Various

With this he gave the mare over to Antilochus’s comrade Noemon, and then took the cauldron.
The Iliad Homer

But Menelaus also arose amongst them, grieving in his mind, vehemently enraged with Antilochus.
The Iliad of Homer (1873) Homer

Then prudent, thus Antilochus replied.725 Oh royal Menelaus!
The Iliad of Homer Homer

One half, therefore, of the spear stuck fast like a charred stake in Antilochus’s shield, while the other lay on the ground.
The Iliad Homer

With parted lips, and eyes staring with horror, Antilochus stood gazing at the bringer of the message of woe.
Stories from the Iliad H. L. Havell

Then, the remnant prize Antilochus receiving, smiled and said.
The Iliad of Homer Homer

The great Achilles smiled indulgently at the defiant attitude of Antilochus, who was very dear to him.
Stories from the Iliad H. L. Havell


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