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Antilock brake

a brake fitted to some road vehicles that prevents skidding and improves control by sensing and compensating for overbraking Also called ABS brake


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  • Antilock braking system

    noting or pertaining to a type of motor vehicle braking system that electronically monitors and controls each of the wheels during braking to keep them from locking, as in antilock braking system; antilock brakes.

  • Antilog

    . noun short for antilogarithm

  • Antilogy

    a contradiction in terms or ideas. noun (pl) -gies a contradiction in terms noun See contranym

  • Antilymphocyte serum

    antilymphocyte serum antilymphocyte serum an·ti·lym·pho·cyte serum (ān’tē-lĭm’fə-sīt’, ān’tī-) n. Abbr. ALS The globulin fraction of serum from a horse or another animal, usually used in conjunction with other immunosuppressive agents to suppress rejection of grafts or organ transplants.

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