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Antimony sulfate

a white, crystalline, deliquescent, water-insoluble solid, Sb 2 (SO 4) 3 , used chiefly in the manufacture of explosives.


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  • Antimony sulfide

    . .

  • Antimony trifluoride

    a white to grayish-white, crystalline, hygroscopic, water-soluble, poisonous solid, SbF 3 , used chiefly in dyeing textiles.

  • Antimony trisulfide

    a black or orange-red, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, Sb 2 S 3 , used chiefly as a pigment in paints and in the manufacture of fireworks and matches.

  • Antimony yellow

    . a poisonous pigment used in painting and enameling, consisting chiefly of lead antimoniate and characterized by its fugitive yellow color, rapid drying rate, and strong film-forming properties. Historical Examples antimony yellow is a mixture of antimoniate of lead with basic chloride of lead. Poisons: Their Effects and Detection Alexander Wynter Blyth noun a yellow […]

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