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the placing of ants among the feathers, done by certain birds apparently to kill parasites.
Historical Examples

He wished to send her his “anting anting” (his good luck charm), and some little money he had saved before the war began.
Bamboo Tales Ira L. Reeves

A belief in the invulnerability (anting) of certain persons was a common superstition.
Philippine Progress Prior to 1898 Various

The Chinese were given until noon on October 13 to give up the anting gate.
General Gordon Seton Churchill

The anting gate was the point selected, the Chinese being given until the 12th for a peaceful surrender.
Historic Tales, Vol. 12 (of 15) Charles Morris

Their faith in what they call their anting anting16 is unbreakable.
The Katipunan J. Brecknock Watson (AKA Francis St. Clair)

the placing or rubbing of ants by birds on their feathers. The body fluids of the ants are thought to repel parasites


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